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DASHBOARD FORUMS Making & Managing Money Clients per month vs Revenue goals Reply To: Clients per month vs Revenue goals

  • Alisha

    November 12, 2020 at 10:05 pm

    Hey! This is a good question! So if you only want to work with those 4 clients for 4 months at a time, then i would think about how much you need to make over those 4 months and then divide that by your clients. So if you need to make $3000 per month. that would be $12,000 for four months. And if you can only do 4 clients at a time then that would be $3000 per client. Of course, if you’re working with someone longer and its more high touch meaning you’re walking through the process with them, it’s going to require a hire price tag. You could also do it the other way where you are always onboarding new clients but i would just make sure you have some good systems in place so that you’re not overdoing it or stressing yourself out! Let me know if that helps!