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  • Alisha

    January 15, 2021 at 9:48 am

    @JaQuette — Yes!! In my case, I was in a place where I settled professionally. I was in the zone of excellence at my day job, and the volunteer work/side business was an escape from the trap I created for myself. I had to step back and ask myself — what are those things that bring a smile on my face yet also stretch/energize me. It wasn’t until I had that clarity, that I was able to find the “zone of genius” through a core values-based lens rather than striving to find it or letting fear keep me trapped.

    Below is a link to that reflection. It started from 2 interview questions about my career pivot and just kinda blossomed into this longer piece.

    I too had a desire to compartmentalize my “day job” self and build up my other passions outside of work. It became exhausting. Now, I just want to be the full me who is in that zone of genius where ever I show up. And I am adjusting my side business to support it to.