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DASHBOARD FORUMS Share Your Wins We made it to friday! Reply To: We made it to friday!

  • Alisha

    January 30, 2021 at 8:41 pm

    Hi Alisha!

    Happy Saturday! I accomplished the following this week:

    Tweaked my signature offer, audience, and framework

    Identified my main content platform (podcast!)

    Outlined content ideas (more than 90 days worth)

    Reserved my podcast domain name/social media handles

    Had artwork created for my podcast

    Outlined the overall podcast format, audience, and created templates for pitching for guests/created show notes, and outlined the overall process of recording/scheduling/etc

    Hired a copywriter for my website

    Most importantly I completed your purpose to service, podcasting, and content courses (January goal)

    I just want to add that after our live coaching session I walked away with more clarity and was able to use that to get a lot more done this week. While I’m still trying to drill down into my audience (the transformations) I’m so happy with my progress.

    While I did finish your course; I plan to go back and use the launch module to outline and plan my launch. I’m going to use your advice and do the 2-month pre-launch which will start *fingers crossed* before the end of February It’s my absolute favorite part! I just need to get this podcast figured out and the first few episodes recorded since it’ll be my main platform.

    Thank you!