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DASHBOARD FORUMS Goal Accountability Weekly Check-In Reply To: Weekly Check-In

  • Alisha

    February 12, 2021 at 1:46 pm

    Hi! I’m a little late – it’s been a whirlwind week but I thought I would go ahead and post what I’ve gotten done this past week and since our live coaching session @Alisha . Here’s where I am:

    I help female corporate side hustlers with proven and profitable businesses translate their unfinished planners, half-empty notebooks, and a multitude of sticky notes into a strategic plan they can execute.

    A little about my ideal client:

    She has a proven and profitable side hustle

    Her side hustle has helped her develop incredible relationships, leadership, negotiation, and communication skills. She is a better person and employee.

    Her side hustle gives her the freedom to hit her financial goals faster. She is all about having multiple streams of income. Her ultimate goal is to save/invest her salary yearly.

    Her side hustle allows her to tap into other skills and sides of her brain (creative vs. analytical).

    She isn’t focused on the corporate escape but instead legacy building . . .

    She desires to make an impact beyond her 9 to 5, more time to do what she loves with who she loves, for her full-time career/job to be an option, not a requirement. Less stress, overwhelm, anxiety, and decreased procrastination, a system/process to manage and execute her goals, and to have time to focus on her zone of genius instead of “busy work”.

    She has a coach but doesn’t have any time for her work, her coaches work, and her client work

    I help her put the pieces together in order of priority, decrease her overwhelm, and take her next best step.

    She doesn’t want to second guess what her next best move is

    She wants to be able to operate confidently in her career and business

    I help her release the pressure from her half-finished notebooks, sticky notes, and planners to get unstuck so she can execute

    In business, she values speed, convenience, results, expertise, peace of mind, and quality. Personally, she values her time, experiences, loved ones, genuine relationships, and creating a legacy.

    I do this through my 4 part framework; Execution Readiness (Clarity, Alignment, Readiness, and Execution).

    She can work with me through my signature service, The Strategic Planning Lab in 1 of 2 ways: VIP Day (a 5-hour session where we build out her 90-day strategic plan and the resources she needs to execute) or through the Accelerator which is the VIP Day + 3 months of accountability where I’ll support her as she executes the goals, projects, and plan that we’ve created.

    My main content platform is The Strategic Planner Podcast with Tessa Shahid (Insert Major scream here!) – see image attached! – The Strategic Planner Podcast is for corporate side hustlers building proven and profitable businesses alongside careers they enjoy.

    For my podcast – I have already created the artwork, reserved social media names, and my domain name. Thanks to Alisha I also have about 90 days or more of content brainstormed that’ll just need to be grouped, outlined, etc., so I can get started.

    I have decided not to create an offer for each area the business owner may be in (start-up, scale, or sustain) and instead have 1 signature offering with two different delivery methods.

    I’m excited for where I am now I just need to execute. This weekend I’m focusing on podcast prep (lean start so I don’t overthink this), and then I’ve also hired a copywriter so I can redo my website. That’s it.