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DASHBOARD FORUMS Feedback Requests First Timer Planning a Virtual Conference Reply To: First Timer Planning a Virtual Conference

  • Dominique

    April 26, 2021 at 4:29 pm

    I’ve never put together a conference but I was a part of a virtual summit in February so I can tell you what it was like from the POV of a guest speaker.

    1) They got in touch with me through IG DMs right before Thanksgiving to ask if I was interested. I was so we moved to email (in early December). In the initial email, they wrote out what we talked about in DMs, gave me more details about the summit, and asked me to confirm my interest. After that, I got a contract to sign that outlined important dates and deliverables. Then I got follow-up emails from time to time so I stayed on track.

    The summit was February 23-25.

    2 and 3) The summit was free and recordings were available for 24 hours. For VIP or lifetime access (and other bonuses), there was a cost. That cost went up every week until the summit was over. They offered an affiliates program where we could use a personal link when prompting the summit. Each time someone used our link to upgrade to VIP/lifetime access, we received half of what the cost was at the time.

    There were also prizes for the top 3 affiliates. I think the person who had the most upgrades got an iPad. The other prizes included amazon gift cards or other tech items since the summit was about video content.

    Hope this helps.