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DASHBOARD FORUMS Goal Accountability May Goals Reply To: May Goals

  • JaQuette

    May 12, 2021 at 8:32 am

    Thanks, Alisha! I miss the days when as a kid, I could finish a book in one sitting, lol. But committing to 15 minutes per day is helping me. I’m at page 100/308 now! #progress

    The biggest issue I’ve had with these tees so far is the actual printing. With my first test print, I had to enlarge the text within the company’s printing area to be the size I wanted because Canva will only let you make it so big. However, this isn’t ideal since I need the font to be as big as I want from the jump so that sales are automated. I just did another print and am supposed to get it tomorrow, I think. Crossing my fingers things go well. 🤞🏾