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  • Lynda

    June 17, 2021 at 9:23 am

    Hi Alisha! This is great about re-writing Living Over Existing. My
    journey has been two-fold with me establishing a self-publishing
    business to help others self-publish their books and co-hosting a
    podcast. I would tell myself: “There’s Amazon and there are all these
    other people doing the same thing, what makes me special?” I did a lot
    of inner work to build up my confidence to get to a point where I was
    self-doubting my abilities to offer this service and, be part of a
    podcast. I’ve always had a dream of being on the radio or doing a
    “Today Show” like segment. I used to feel the same way at first about
    podcasting and then our co-hosts @Jeanette and @Shauna paved the way for us and we bring a unique perspective as The Heart of Chat and we have made podcasting our own.