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Lesson 10: Your On-Boarding Process


The goal for this lesson is to create your client on-boarding process.

So essentially what steps will your clients have to take from the time they land on your sales page to the time they book their first call with you. Having a solid yet clear on-boarding process is so important because one, you don’t want your potential client to have to jump through hoops in order to work with. Too many steps or too many complicated steps can potentially turn a client off and make them not want to work with you. It can also throw off the client experience. The last thing you want to do is have a client who is already expecting the worst even before you start working together.

Secondly, having a solid on-boarding process that is as automated as possible, will make your life simpler. Instead of spending all of your time emailing clients back and forth, sending out invoices or simply just keeping track of what you should be doing next, a clear process will leave you more time to other important pieces of your business.

So we’re going to talk about those important steps so that you can make the process as seamless as possible for yourself and for your clients.

First, let’s simply map out the process that your clients will have to go through from the time that they land on your sales page and decide to work with you, through making their first payment and booking their first call. Don’t worry about how you’re going to do all of this, simply just list out your process.

So when someone lands on your sales page and decides that they are in, what is the next step they take? Do you want them to complete an application, book a sales call or go ahead and pay you?

While this process is completely up to you, I highly recommend doing some qualifying of potential clients before allowing them to become official clients. Meaning, asking them to book a sales call with you or complete an application. Yes your sales page should do a lot of the qualifying for you but often people will skim right through those. But asking your audience to hop on a sales call first will help you to make sure that they are a good fit for your offer, meaning you would actually be able to deliver them their desired results. Qualifying your audience ahead of time will also make sure that they are your ideal client. While money is great and being booked out is even better, if you dont enjoy the people you are working with, is it worth it?

So your potential client clicks on the button on your sales page to book a sales call, what’s next? This is where it’s going to be really important to have an automated system in place so that your clients can easily book their own calls at the set times you have listed. This stops you from needing to go back and forth with potential clients in your inbox trying to figure out a date that works best for the both of you.

You can use a tool like Acuity Scheduling, Calendly or Dubsado for potential clients to book their calls. You set the days and times you are available and allow them to choose. This also helps you to put healthy boundaries in place as well! Most of these services will also send out automatic confirmation emails and reminder emails to those prospects as well so you dont have to worry about it. And within those emails you can include instructions and a link for the call.

After the sales call is completed and they are like YES, LET ME PAY YOU! What do you do next? Now you need to send over an invoice. Again, make sure you have a system in place that makes it easy for you to create an invoice and email it over to your client.

This is a good time to think about what else you want your prospects to do to officially be onboarded. When i was one-on-one coaching, I required my clients to sign a contract which I highly recommend. So when I sent them their link to book and pay. My process went a little like this.

After the sales call, I sent them a link to pay. Once they paid, they were automatically taken to a client questionnaire that they completed so I could get more information about their business, immediately after that they were taken to a page where the were able to read and sign their contract and then lastly, they were taken to a page to book their first initial call with me.

So pay, questionnaire, contract and booking the call were all done without me needing to manually send out each. The only thing that I had to manually do is create their client portal within Asana which is done in a couple of clicks because I have a pre-made template and email them over the link with a welcome email which I also created a template for. 

After that all I had to do was prepare for the call.

You see how simple and easy that process was? I don’t have to spend a bunch of time scrambling trying to onboard one new client because I have a clear process and systems that automate pretty much everything. We will talk about this in a later lesson but to prevent overwhelm and burnout when it comes to working with clients in any capacity, you have to have a clear process. What happens when you all of a sudden have a ton of people wanting to work with you at the same time? You have to have a clear process in place so that nothing or no one slips through the cracks and you potentially upset a client or miss out on money.

This is the bare minimum and we will talk about delivering perks and things later that will really help you to uplevel your client experience.

For now, your action step is to list out all the steps that you and your client will need to take in order to have an effortless onboarding process. Also, consider any tools or systems you can use to automate as much as possible. I have used a combination of Acuity Scheduling and Asana for years and it works great but I have also fallen in love recently with Dubsado which is a more all in one type of platform. I will share with you a video of my onboarding process in action along with some other examples. Don’t stress it or work your brand too hard testing out all of the systems that are out there! Keep it simple and remember you can always make changes later! If you have any questions, let me know!