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Lesson 12: Creating Your Launch Goals


The goal for this lesson is to set some sales goals for your launch! 

Putting your new offer out into the world is great but you wont know if your launch was actually successful unless you have some goals to reach towards. We’re going to talk really quickly about setting a base goal, a stretch goal and a dream goal for your launch! So why three goals? Because it gives you range and flexibility. If you go into your launch putting full focus on hitting your big dream goal, then your action and energy will match. You’ll find yourself going a little harder during your launch period and maybe even taking it a little more seriously. And even if you don’t hit that big dream goal, you are more than likely going to blow your base goal or even your stretch goal out of the water.

Setting those three goals is essentially about giving your mind something bigger to focus on but also giving yourself the flexibility to still hit a goal even if it’s not the biggest one.

Alright so in the previous lesson about pricing your offer, we talked about the minimum amount that you needed to make each month. I would suggest making that your base goal. That way you at the least made enough to cover your monthly expenses. For your stretch goal, of course that should be a little more than the base goal. So add on what one more client would be to your base goal. So if your base goal is $3,000 and the amount for your offer is $1,500 then adding on one more client would make your stretch goal $4,500. For your big dream goal, add on one more client to that. So your big dream goal would be $6,000.

So you have your base goal of $3000, your stretch goal of $4500 and your dream goal of $6,000.

Now two things about goals. One, if at any point looking at these goals causes more stress or anxiety than motivation, put these goals away. I mentioned before that setting goals is really about helping you to bring that good energy to your launch because it gives you something tangible to strive for. But at any time it causes anxiety, put these goals away and don’t look at them again until after your launch. That anxious energy will cause anxious thoughts and will throw you off of your game during your launch.

Second, it is 100% ok if you don’t hit any of these goals! I think a lot of us put too much emphasis on our launch goals so when we don’t hit them we automatically think it was a failure and want to scrap the whole thing. While you may not hit your goal and yes that may put you in your feelings for a bit, you just did something that so many other entrepreneurs have yet to do. You launched! You had the guts to put yourself out there and let everyone know about your offer. Many people don’t even make it that far. You’ve also given yourself a ton of proof as well. So now for your next launch or promotion, you can go back through this launch and pinpoint what didn’t work and what did work so that you can tweak your strategy.

Try not to look at it as a failure but a learning moment.

Ok so your action step for this lesson is to set your base, stretch and big dream goals for your launch!