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Lesson 15: Crafting Your Client Schedule


The goal for this lesson is to craft your client schedule.

Let me tell you something, you are the boss! Repeat it after me, I AM THE BOSS! Which means you have control over when you work. One of the reasons why so many coaches and service providers get burnt out is because they forget that they are the ones who can set the schedule and make the rules. Will there be some days when sacrifices have to be made in order to get the work done, of course! But ultimately, you can choose when you want to take on client work and client calls. 

So let’s go through a few questions that will help you to decide on your ideal schedule. First, what are your personal and professional non negotiables. What in your personal life and professional life will you absolutely not budge on? For your personal life it may be working on weekends or working past 5pm. It could be as simple as not working before 10am or not having more than 1 client call per day. In your professional life it may look like, not answering client calls after a certain time. Or only answering client questions on certain days. There may be some overlap with your non-negotiables but it’s important to get crystal clear on them now before it is too late!

Next, what must you make space for? Do you have children, a spouse, a demanding 9 -5 job, a parent that you’re looking after? Are you a part of any types of social clubs or sit on any professional boards? What in your life must you build your business around? Remember, we’re building a business AROUND the life you desire and not adjusting the things we care about most for our business.

Lastly, while thinking about your non-negotiables and what you need to make space for, when are you able to handle client calls? Think of the days and times  you’re available, when you’re going to provide client feedback or answer questions or any other client obligations. I want you to put those days on a calendar and pull it out whenever you get ready to update your scheduling system. 

If you know that you can only take client calls with no distractions from your kids or spouse on Wednesdays and Thursdays. Then block out that time to be strictly for your clients. If you know that you have a demanding job and your rest after work is a non-negotiable, then consider scheduling weekend calls.

Will some sacrifices need to be made? Of course! Unfortunately, if you are already juggling a lot, then you may have to shift some things in order to pour into your clients and your business. But working with your clients doesn’t mean that your entire life needs to be put on hold!

So how do you communicate this schedule to your clients? First, setting up your schedule ahead of working with them so that they can only schedule dates that are within your chosen schedule. Also, during your onboarding process within your client packet or initial email you can reiterate the times and days you are available for calls and providing feedback. Of course if you are launching a group program, you can let your clients know ahead of time what days and times the calls will be!

Alright, your action step for this lesson is to sit down and answer those questions and create your ideal client schedule.