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Lesson 2: Your Offer Format


In this lesson we’re going to get super clear on the format of your signature service offer. 

As a service provider it is often common for people to think that one on one coaching or having a one-on-one service offer is the only way that you can work with clients but that isn’t true at all. You not only have the option of working with clients one-on-one, but as a service provider depending on your industry or depending on your offers focus you do also have the option of working with clients in a group format.

So now that you are clear on your offers Focus we’re going to get super clear on how you’re going to deliver that offer either in a one-on-one format, a group format or maybe even a hybrid of both.

So first let’s talk about the pros and cons of offering a one-on-one service.

Some of the pros of offering a one-on-one service is that Typically, Because you are giving someone your full Focus one on one Services typically come at a higher rate.  Working with someone one-on-one as well allows you to really tweak the process and get direct feedback from that particular client so that you can tweak your offer or tweak your program for future clients moving forward. And working with clients one-on-one may be great for you if you really value that personal time or that personal connection with your clients. So if your offers Focus really requires you to have that high-level Personal Touch with a client in order for them to get the best results possible, then working with them on a one-to-one basis may be perfect for you.

But there are also some cons to working one-on-one with clients. Working one-on-one, and this will depend on what your rate is for your offer, but you can only take on so many one-on-one clients at a time. So then you are faced with either taking on a very small amount of clients in charging them a premium price or completely filling your  schedule and charging them a lower rate so that you are still hitting your income goals.

Another con to working with clients one-on-one is that you are the main go-to person whenever they have any questions or concerns or need feedback. which there is nothing wrong with that at the beginning stages but it can become overwhelming when you begin to add on more clients to your roster.

And of course in the future or as you grow you can hire in more coaches to take on clients or to really manage that client feedback or manage any client questions, but for this course we’re just assuming that you are just getting started with working with clients or you’re in a position where you are revamping your current offers. so just take that into consideration when you’re thinking about either working one-on-one with clients or working in a group setting.

 Okay let’s talk about the pros of working with your clients in a group setting. Group coaching or group offers tend to be favored with entrepreneurs who want to help more clients at the same time. So with the group coaching offer you can still charge a premium price but you are able to work with more clients at the same time and you will typically structure these calls with group coaching calls where they can submit questions ahead of time or there can be a particular topic that you coach them through together.

Another good thing about group coaching or having a group offer is that now your clients have other people to work through your content with. so they have a group of people who are on the same path or who are on the same Journey as them so they don’t feel like they are alone and especially if you have a digital Community set up where they can talk and interact with each other, then that helps with the feedback element because then they have other people who can provide feedback or provide their experience to a lot of their questions or concerns. which means you may not necessarily need to be Hands-On 100% of the time like you would with a one-on-one or service offer.

But of course there are cons to offering a group program or some type of group offer. You may run into an issue where if you have too big of a group that  some members or some clients within the group may feel as if they are not getting the attention that they need. Also if you are not really clear on the structure of your program or if you’re not really clear on how many clients you can manage on your own at one time you may run into the issue of completely overwhelming yourself with the demands of each of the clients and how you can serve them the best way that you can in that group setting.

But what if you like the idea of a one-on-one offer and you like the idea of a group program? Then you may want to consider doing a hybrid of both.  So doing a hybrid program of both one on one and group coaching may look like doing live Q&A calls with the group so bringing on the group together once a week or maybe once every other week to go through some of the curriculum or maybe even just answer any questions they may have about your content or about your process.

And then to make sure that each of those clients are getting the feedback that they need or they’re getting the attention that they need you may even want to offer each client in your group program one one on one coaching session each month so that that gives you some face time with each particular client. but again the big thing with this is making sure that you are managing your time, that you are setting boundaries so that you are not overwhelming yourself and not spinning yourself into burnout and that you are not spending so much time with client work that you don’t have enough time to Market or grow your business on the outside.

 As you can see there are pros and cons for doing all of these options so either doing a one on one option where you’re fully giving one client your full attention at a time or doing a group offer where you are able to help more people at one time or doing a hybrid of both that really gives you the best of both worlds.

And while I wish I could just tell you do one-on-one or do group coaching it’s really going to depend on what it is that you desire. So one of the things about building a service-based business with intention is making sure that you are again putting your personal non-negotiables first. So what are the non negotiables in your personal life that you are absolutely not willing to budge on? Those things could be time with your family, your weekends off, time for yourself or maybe even just time to see the world and travel. So once you are clear on those personal non-negotiables, that will really help you to make a decision as to what format you want your service offer to be in. 

So if you are limited on time and you really want to be able to cut off work at a certain time of day or if you are homeschooling your kids while in the process of building your business so you really have limited time, then you may want to consider a group coaching offer where you can help all of your clients at one time maybe once a week.

But if you feel like your Niche or your topic or your offers Focus really requires you to sit down one-on-one with your client or if you feel like a big chunk of what you have to offer needs to be really tailored to your client’s specific needs, then maybe going the one-on-one route is going to be best for you. And if you really just love the idea of doing both and you can’t decide then maybe try out the hybrid offer and seeing how that works with you.

Again the goal for this lesson is to just get clear on what format you want your offer to be in so as we move forward we can begin creating your offer around this specific format.

And don’t forget that your offer and even your brand may change moving forward and a lot of times our personal non-negotiables may change as well so just because you are starting out right now let’s say with the one-on-one offer doesn’t mean that at a later time you can’t then switch it to a group program. So don’t feel like you have to be stuck in this one thing for the remainder of your business. we just need to get clear on what you’re going to do now moving forward so that we can at least put a great offer out into the world. You can go back and revise your offer later after you’ve launched a few times.

So your action step for this lesson is to Simply decide on what format your signature offer will be in.