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Lesson 3: Crafting your signature process

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The goal for this lesson is to create your signature process.

What is a signature process? Some people call it your framework some people may call it your blueprint or your roadmap but I just like to call it your signature process. But no matter what you decide to call it having a signature process for your service offer is going to be so important. Your signature process is essentially each step that your client will take to the help them to get from where they are now all the way through where you promise they will be after working with you.

So your process is going to take them from their pain point that they are currently experiencing all the way through the transformation that they desire to achieve.

Having a signature process that you can take your clients through is so important because it is going to help potential clients actually see the transformation that they are going to make as they are working with you. Having a signature process is also going to be important for you as you are marketing your offer and as you are creating content that is going to attract your dream clients. Literally your entire marketing strategy and all of the content that you’re going to create is going to be mapped out around your signature process so please don’t take this step lightly. 

Before we jump into each step of your signature process you first need to get really clear on where your audience currently is and where they want to be after working with you.

So think about your ideal client, where are they currently and what is it that they are currently struggling with? So for example, typically anyone who signs up for our community they have a big idea but they maybe have been spending some time building up their brand and creating incredible content and they are ready to create and launch their signature service offer but they have no clue where to start.

In addition to not knowing where to start they may also be a little bit hesitant about taking on clients because they are afraid that it is going to consume so much of their life. So that is the big issue that we help our clients in this community to solve. We help them to not only create and launch their signature service offer and give them the step by step guidance to make that happen but we also teach them how to manage and maintain their clients in a way that doesn’t go against their personal non-negotiables and that doesn’t completely burn them out.

 So I want you to get really clear on what is the problem that your offer is going to solve and get clear on what your audience is currently struggling with right now and what would attract them to purchasing your offer.

 On the flip side of that I also need you to be really clear on what the outcome is of your offer. Will they come out with a complete plan on how to launch their business or will they come out of this with a beautiful new website or will they have some complete new strategy that is going to completely change a specific area of their life?

 Again you need to be really clear on where your audience currently is and where they are wanting to be after they consume your program.

Okay now let’s talk about each step in your signature process. So your signature process should be about three to six steps that your audience again will take that will help them to get from their pain Point all the way through the transformation that they want to achieve.

 And I say 3 to 6 steps because that tends to be the sweet spot that is just enough for them to get a better understanding of how this transformation is going to take place but six isn’t so much to where they are completely overwhelmed and just feels like it’s going to be too much to handle.

For each step in your process we are going to use the same framework for each step. You’re going to get clear on where they currently are in this specific step, the goal for the step so what is it that you want them to have achieved by the end of this particular step in your process, you’re also going to list all of  the action steps that they’re going to have to take in order to hit this goal and also what resources or assets will need to be included to help them reach this goal.

Lets look at an example using our signature frame work for this course. One of the steps in our process is Nurturing Your Audience. So let’s go through this process.

If my clients are in this step, that means that they are preparing to launch, but need to warm up their audience first so that they are not surprising their audience with a new, random offer.

The goal is to create a content strategy around their signature process which will lead into their launch.

What action steps will they need to take in order to achieve this goal? They will need to create one key piece of content that covers each step in their signature process.

Lastly, what resources or assets will they need to accomplish this goal? He nurture worksheet along with the guided video.

So again, each step in your process should be developed out with where your client currently is in this specific step, what is the goal for this step, what are the action steps they need to take to hit this goal? And what resources or action steps will they need?

Your action step for this lesson is to come up with the 3 to 6 steps of your signature process, and then map out each step using the outline I provided you!

Like I mentioned before, this process is essentially what you’re not only going to build your offer around but also your brand around as well! So feel free to brand it! Give it a name, illustrate it and show it off to your audience! This is the process that you will essentially be known for so go big!