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Lesson 4.1: Creating your landing page



Now that you’re working on your lead magnet. Let’s talk about how people are actually going to sign up for it! You will need a landing page! A landing page is just a simple page where you can share more about your lead magnet and where your audience can sign up! So let’s talk about the elements of a good landing page.

  1. It’s a stand alone page. This is important because you want to be easily able to share the specific link to that lead magnet versus just sending someone to your website. It creates a direct call to action! If you’re worried about the design of it, you can simply create a page on the website you have. I will share a link to mine. You can use the pre-made templates provided through your email service provider. Or you can use a tool like LeadPages!
  2. Next you’ll want the title of your lead magnet or a really catchy opening sentence.
  3. Briefly explain the purpose of the lead magnet and what it will help your audience to achieve
  4. A mockup of the lead magnet. Which you can create in Canva or Photoshop
  5. And of course the opt-in box for them to sign up
  6. Introduce yourself. Give a brief overview of who you are and what makes you qualified to help them through this process. This is great for if you have someone who stumbles on your site or who clicks your link and may not know you

Keep this page super simple and to the point. No need in getting caught up in the design. Of course make sure that it matches your brand but dont feel the need to hire a designer either.

Ok your next action step is to create your landing page!

Landing Page Examples

My landing page built on my Squarespace site

Jenna Kutcher's landing page for her 5-day challenge