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Lesson 5: Your consistent content schedule


We’ve talked about nurturing your audience through your email list, but that isnt the only way to gain your audience attention. You also want to make use of the main content platforms that you are on and create content that is again centered around your signature process.

Lets start with brainstorming. On a sheet of paper I want you to draw columns for how ever many steps in your process that you have. So if you have 4 steps then draw four columns. Or if you have six steps, then draw six columns. At the top of each of those columns, I want you to write out your steps in order.

Once you have your columns draw and each step in a column of its own, I want you to take 15-30 minutes of uninterrupted time and just brain dump all of the content ideas that you can think of for each of those steps. Think about how to pieces of content, different tools that you can share and also content around the mindset shifts your audience may need to make within each of these steps. For those 15 to 30 minutes just brain dump. Dont worry about writing complete sentences or spelling or even if you write the same idea down twice. Just get it all out of your head and onto paper.

Once you’re done, every idea that you wrote down on that paper can be turned into some type of content. Whether it be a newsletter, a blog post, and IG live or a simple thread of tweets. They all can be turned into something! I also suggested putting these ideas into a Google Doc or Notion board just in case you lose that piece of paper!

Next, get clear on the platforms that you will utilize if you’re unsure already. Your newsletters are a given but also think about podcasting or creating videos or even blogging. Also consider the social media platforms that you really want to focus on.

Once you have that clear, the next thing you want to do is actually put some ideas down on a calendar. By going ahead and scheduling out and planning what you want to create and when you want to create it, this helps with consistency which tends to be the biggest issue that many entrepreneurs face when it comes to creating content. Whether you plan in a physical planner or in a digital tool like Asana or Notion, be sure you are planning ahead so that you are not falling off. You can color code your calendar depending on topics if you like, Whatever works for you but planning ahead is definitely the key to consistency.

Your action step for this lesson is to simply brain dump and plan out your content schedule for the next 30 days!