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Lesson 7: Naming your offer


The goal for this lesson is to brainstorm and decide on a name for your signature offer.

The name for your offer is important because just like your signature process, this is what you’re really going to build your brand around. The unfortunate part of naming your offer though is that many people tend to struggle with it. Myself included. But after naming dozens of programs and products over the past seven years, Ive come up with a simple process that will help you to brainstorm a few name ideas.

First, you want to Focus on the emotions, outcome and/or the details of your offering.What words describe the emotions your audience will feel after working with you or the transformation they will experience? 

For example, impactful, profitable, clear, automated, purposeful, empowering, desirable and inspiring. Try mixing those words around and see what you can come up with. You can also be a little practical and play on the length of your offer. For example, I used to have a 3 month coaching offer that I called the 90 day blueprint because I spent 90 days helping entrepreneurs map out the blueprint for their brand. Or take this course for example, Purpose To Service, because I help you to package up your God-given gifts and knowledge into your service offer. 

Amanda Genther has an offer where she spends one day creating sales pages for her clients, and you know what she calls it? Sales Page In A Day. So keeping it simple helps a lot. So think about how you can mix those words that best describe the emotions that your clients may be feeling now and what they will feel after their transformation takes place and see what names you can come up with. And again, play on exactly what your offer will deliver to your audience and keep it practical.

Let’s say for example you offer a 3 month service that coaches parents through planning out their homeschool curriculum, you could call it the Parent Teacher Society or Done For You Homeschool.

Dont stress over it too much! But once you come up with a name for your program, please do your research and make sure that it isnt already being used by someone or that it hasnt been trademarked. The last thing you want is for someone sending you a cease and desist letter or finding out later on that your clients are getting confused because you and three other people have programs with similar names.

Your action step for this lesson is to do some brainstorming and come up with the name for your program!