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Lesson 9: Creating Your Sales Page


For this lesson, your goal is to create your sales page!

So before we dig into this lesson, I want you to pull out your notes from the lesson where we went through crafting your offer. So all of those features and benefits I want you to pull them out because we are going to be using that to create your sales page! Just as a quick overview, your sales page is essentially the page that potential clients will go to to learn more about your offer and to either book a call with you or to sign up to work with you.

No pressure, but this page is really important because it could really be the deciding factor between you gaining a new client or not. But don’t worry because in this lesson we are literally going to start from the top of your sales page and break it down piece by piece. Right now, we’re just focusing on the copy so don’t worry too much about making it look pretty just yet!